Wild Purple

My Creativity Manifested

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Me: 30 something Native Californian. have been sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting and all sorts of other crafts since I was a little girl. Creating a business to sell my creations(and feed my habit ...fabric buying!!)which will be a dream come true.

Left the corporate world a couple of years ago to strike out on my own doing database development for small businesses. And while that was interesting, it was still too much like an office job so here I am making a go of my hobby as a business.

Love to read, spiritual, secular, mysteries, biographies, technology...you name it.

My children are my "furry babies" Tigger and Destiney who like to cuddle up with me and sleep at night.

My dream goal in life is to spend everyday crafting in my beach front studio, located a hop skip and a jump from Starbucks...LOL!!

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